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Disciplined investment management is critical towards reaching financial planning goals. Do you have the time and/or experience to effectively bring your existing 401(k), IRA or taxable portfolio to its fullest potential? Let Brackenwood dedicate the time and experience necessary to serve your unique investment advisory needs. Contact us for a complimentary financial planning consultation, and work with us as your investment management authority.

The goal of the Brackenwood portfolio allocations is to provide clients with investment experiences that reflect their unique risk tolerance and investment return expectations. Your assets are committed to a balanced investment allocation or "recipe" of stock- and/or bond-based mutual funds other individual securities. Over time, this fund recipe requires rebalancing to maintain this initial, disciplined portfolio allocation. Investment advisory fees vary according to complexity of strategy and size of account assets under management.

Performance reporting is designed for ease of use. Monthly and/or quarterly reports summarize:

  • Portfolio gains and losses net of contributions and withdrawals
  • Asset allocation changes through time
  • Cash flow details
  • Net-of-fee manager performance versus relevant benchmarks
  • A consolidated performance report that may include all of your assets including those not managed by Coldstream

Portfolio allocations are measured alone, and against relevant broad-market indices. The result is a complete, consolidated report that enables you to remain completely informed - without having to slog through the fine print.

Contact us to receive a complete fee schedule, as stated in our NASD ADV II, and learn more about the variety of ways that we serve clients' investment management needs.